Statement Regarding Amalgam Fillings

Here at AFDofCC we feel it is important to inform our patients of issues that might affect them. A recent article was published in Vitality with regards to dental Amalgam Fillings. This article cited the potential health hazards for the material, but did not cite specific references for the research.

We thought it would be prudent to provide some summary statements by the American Dental Association as well as other health research organizations, the links to which are listed below.

Dr. Scheier no longer uses amalgam fillings, except on rare occasions, but feels that the materials are safe and stable. Alternative fillings such as composite and milled porcelain are the state of the art in dentistry and are what we routinely recommend, and use daily. On specific rare occasions the silver amalgam filling is the only material that can be used.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 508-255-2511, or contact Dr. Scheier directly at


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